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Beaumont Electrical Services

Your Electrical Issue Has a Fix; A Long-Lasting Fix Called Us!

When was the last time you called an electrician to check your electric system and wiring of your home? Not in a while? You are not alone. Most homeowners and business owners in Beaumont, CA, neglect calling electricians for the annual maintenance of their electrical panels until a serious sign pops up, leaving them no choice but to call them.

You have a choice to call us before any issue becomes your worst nightmare!

We can visit your property to inspect your electrical panel to ensure everything is in working order. If it is not, our electricians will fix it right away. We equip our electricians with state-of-the-art electrical detection and repair equipment.

With everything already loaded in our van, our electricians will leave for your home. We will perform a thorough inspection of your electrical panel, looking at all the different components closely to diagnose the problem.

Once We Find the Electrical Problem, It Has No Chance of Getting Away from Us

We need you to take proactive measures to look for looming electrical issues as well. Identifying an electrical issue beforehand can save you from experiencing an even graver problem.

Are You Dealing with an Electrical Problem?

You may be dealing with an electrical problem if:

  • Your circuit breaker continues to trip due to unstable electric currents. If not fixed, it can become dangerous.
  • You use several surge protectors due to a shortage of outlets.
  • Your home was constructed several decades ago and has outdated wiring.
  • Your light switches and outlets are too hot or warm to touch.
  • There is rust or moisture around your electrical panel.
  • Your electric bill is through the roof.
  • Your lights keep flickering or becoming dim or brighter with time.

We urge all our customers in Beaumont to call us as soon as one or more of these signs become visible to them. If your electrical problem has turned into an electrical emergency, call us straight away. We may ask you to leave your home if it has become a hazard.

Our Electrical Services

Our electrical services include:

  • Electrical Troubleshooting and Repairs – Our electricians can inspect, detect, and repair electrical issues.
  • Home Remodels – Our electricians can install and upgrade all outdated wiring.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting – Our electricians can install a range of interior and exterior lighting.
  • Service Panel Upgrades – Our electricians can diagnose the issue and upgrade the electrical panel.
  • Commercial Electrical– Our electricians can install wiring and electrical panels and perform electrical repairs.

Our licensed, certified, and insured electricians have the knowledge and skills needed to tackle and resolve even the most complicated electrical issues. We will take measures to protect the surroundings of your home and clean up before we leave.

We cater to both residential and commercial areas in Beaumont, CA. If you need one of our electrical services, call us at 951-385-5046 for your free estimate.

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